A little throwback to the NAMM Show in Anaheim, January 2017.  Chris Parks, Quilter CEO said to me when I walked up to the booth:  “Hey, Frank, sit down and jam with these guys.”  Sure, I thought, they sound good, but I didn’t get a look at them until I sat down and Chris handed me an SG.  Then I noticed I had begun trading licks with Kid Ramos.  And the bass player was looking down so I didn’t see his face, but afterward I found out it was James Intveld.  Dang.  Just Dang.

Here’s my Sizzle Reel.  Thanks to Karen Torimaru, Jennifer Stockert, Jon Alan Hale, and YouTuber luv2wcsdance for the video clips.

And this is what happens when you start the encore tune, it starts to rain, the lead guitar player bails to keep his gear dry, and you suddenly become the lead player.  In the rain.  To a really long version of “Sweet Home Alabama.”  Borrowed from the Sterling Sylver Band’s Facebook page:

Back in the days of the Whitey O’Kane Band:

Thanks to Wendell Bean for shooting and posting the above video.

“Nosey Joe” from when we played the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet for the first time.

Taking a solo in a Camp Hollywood poolside jam in 2014 with a Loar LH-600 I used to have.

Playing for the Billboard & Hollywood Reporter Film & TV Music Conference in Universal City.

“Topanga Etude” (my composition), in a demo for Premier Guitar and RainSong Guitars.

Demonstrating a new guitar at the NAMM 2012 show for my friends at RainSong.

Gretsch Rancher 5034TFT Demo for Premier Guitar and Gretsch Guitars.

Demonstrating a new guitar at the NAMM 2014 show for my friends at Gretsch.

“Talk to Me, Kajon” (my composition)

An ode to my favorite traffic reporter (and now a good friend as a result of this song), Kajon Cermak on KCRW.

And more coming soon!