2022 turned out to be a great year for gigs and music for me, in a lot of ways.  I joined a new band late in 2021 and have been playing with them steadily ever since.  So much so, I had to leave the Sterling Sylver Band just to keep my sanity (assuming I had any to begin with).  So I'm the lead guitar player with Pull The Trigger, a Ventura-based Country band that plays all the good Country music, like Waylon, Merle, Willie, Buck, and all their friends.  We play once or twice a week in places like The Shores in Oxnard, The Keynote Lounge in Ventura, and the Maverick Saloon in Santa Ynez.  I've never NOT had a good time with these boys, and it's so great to get to go back to the homeland (Ventura County) to play with them.  And of course, drink 805 beer in the 805 area code.  This band has a big following, folks who come to practically all of our shows, and many of them even know my name.  It's a great feeling, lemme tell ya.


The Overland Avenue Quartet had the honor of singing our country's National Anthem at the last home game of the LA Galaxy's regular season, and we were well received.  See it here.  Hopefully, we'll get to do it again in the coming season.

Yes, I was Gretsch's Player of the Month in March of 2022, and I am eternally grateful for that, but music is becoming an ever-bigger part of my life.  Still playing with Aileen Quinn and the Leapin' Lizards, and The Boilermakers Band has just recorded their first album.  Expect to see that and some frequent gigging real soon.  

I also got the opportunity to become an endorser of Nocturne Guitars, with my very own, personally-designed Nocturne Rooster.  It's about the greatest guitar one could own, and I'm proud to help my friend Tavo Vega spread the word about it.  If you thought his pedals were great, wait 'til you try out the guitar he designed.  Come see me at a show (this guitar works for just about any band I play with) and I'll let you take it for a spin.  I'm even the poster child on his website.

Thank you all for your support, and I look forward to seeing you in 2023.

Here's some more new stuff:  I've got a Facebook Page just for my music.  So you don't have to sift through my mental meanderings and day-job discussions to get to the music.  It's all gonna be here:

Frank Giffen Music

Don't like Facebook?  Can't say as I blame you.  But that's OK, I've got a YouTube Channel, too:

Frank Giffen Music (kind of a recurring theme on the naming convention)

The YouTube Channel delves into some deeper guitar geekery than you might find on Facebook, but I do try to put as many performances on there as I can, too.  Check 'em out at your leisure.

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Hi, my name is Frank Giffen, and I play the guitar (audience response:  "Hi, Frank!")  OK, now that we have that out of the way, I'm officially welcoming you to my web site and and hope you drop by here often.  I'm playing with a few groups now, and having a blast doing it:

The Boilermakers Band

Aileen Quinn and the Leapin' Lizards

The Overland Avenue Quartet

Pull The Trigger Country Band

The Haywire Country Band

The Fabulous Esquires Big Band

If anything else comes up, I'll keep you posted.  Thanks again for stopping by.

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