Hey!  More Big News!

Sure, it was great being Gretsch's Player of the Month and all, but GIGS have finally resumed!

Yep, it happened at last. Haywire played at the American Legion out in Riverside (California) a couple Fridays ago, and we're headin' back there soon!

Check out my "Upcoming Shows" page for more details. See ya there!

A huge shout-out to the good folks at Gretsch Guitars for making me their Player of the Month for March 2021!  I am very proud and honored to have received this recognition.  I've been playing Gretsches for a long time, and this makes me even happier about it (I tried to color the text Gretsch Orange).  A big thanks to the folks at Gretsch for making this possible. And yeah, it's possible I bought another Gretsch to celebrate. Look for it on stage soon.

If their website led you here, WELCOME!  I'm glad you came.  Feel free to look around, and/or drop me a line.  And if you didn't get here via their website, I'll put a link to it when it comes up on March 1st so you can see what all the fuss was about.  Now that there's some hope for live music again, I'm looking forward to playing out again in the very near future.  See you on stage!

(license pending for this photo, courtesy of Dave Welch at Photos With Class, www.photoswithclass.com)

Here's some more new stuff:  I've got a Facebook Page just for my music.  So you don't have to sift through my mental meanderings and day-job discussions to get to the music.  It's all gonna be here:

Frank Giffen Music

Don't like Facebook?  Can't say as I blame you.  But that's OK, I've got a YouTube Channel, too:

Frank Giffen Music (kind of a recurring theme on the naming convention)

The YouTube Channel delves into some deeper guitar geekery than you might find on Facebook, but I do try to put as many performances on there as I can, too.  Check 'em out at your leisure.

I Can Play!

Playin' guitar is what I like to do.

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I Can Sing!

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Thanks For Stopping By


Hi, my name is Frank Giffen, and I play the guitar (audience response:  "Hi, Frank!")  OK, now that we have that out of the way, I'm officially welcoming you to my web site and and hope you drop by here often.  I'm playing with a couple of groups now, and a new one that isn't quite ready to go public:

Aileen Quinn and the Leapin' Lizards

The Overland Avenue Quartet

The Haywire Country Band

The Fabulous Esquires Big Band

...and look for another new project coming real soon.  You'll hear about it here.

...and lately I've been fortunate enough to sub in on rhythm guitar with The Sterling Sylver Band.  An honor to be on stage with the likes of Sterling Anthony, Rolf Abro, Sam Cunningham, and the other (good ol') boys.

I'll keep you posted.  Thanks again for stopping by.

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Come See me!

Just getting the new web site off the ground, but I have a page with upcoming gigs listed.  Check 'em out by clicking this button.  Thanks for stopping by!